John Grundy and Lowick’s Buildings

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john grundy

John Grundy gave an introduction to the buildings of Lowick to the Village Heritage Group in February 2015. John was part of the team that conducted the original Listing of all Northumberland’s finest buildings, back in the 1980s. He was responsible for Lowick. Subsequently he has become one the region’s most respected architectural historians who regularly broadcasts and publishes on North Eastern buildings and their history.

Basing his work on the ground-breaking architectural Domesday Book, Nikolaus Pevsner’s, The Buildings of Northumberland [Pelican], John is a foremost authority on the nature and quality of local buildings, their history and quality.

He rejects any assertion that there is nothing coherent or unique in the built environment of the village. Though modern times have brought with them a number of homes and buildings that reflect the anonymity and conformity of the 20th Century, the character of the village remains intact.

“People are only interested in the extraordinary, not in the well-built past. Once, One North East wouldn’t list Beamish in its advertising because it was too working class.

Northumberland is really rarely other than nineteenth century – that’s what dominates, and that is true of Lowick.

A place like this has a remarkable history and it’s got a remarkable visual character which it doesn’t share of the other villages round about it. And it’s got those things because of its locality – because of its industries, because of the rocks beneath the ground, because of the weather, because of all these things – because of the roads that were built over hundreds of years.”

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