Five Steps to a Plan

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There are 5 steps to take in preparing a successful Neighbourhood Plan.

  1. Area Designation, where the village agrees what the neighbourhood area is.
    1. this is mapped clearly, showing the boundaries.
    2. We explain why we believe the area is appropriate to for neighbourhood planning purposes.
    3. A 6 week consultation period commences where comments from the community are invited, following the application to the County Council
  2. Preparing and Publicising the Plan
    1. Gathering information
    2. Establishing priorities and aspirations
    3. Establishing a Vision
    4. Purpose, goals and aspirations
    5. Draft Planning Policies
    6. Seeking comments from those who live, work and own businesses in the area
  3. Submitting the Plan
    1. Map,
    2. the Draft Plan,
    3. Statement of Meeting Basic Conditions [national planning laws, local planning framework objective and EU obligations and human rights requirements.
    4. Consultation statement about the process, the issues raised, and how they were dealt with.
    5. The submitted plan will be open for further comment for 6 weeks.
  4. Independent Examination
    1. The independent Examiner will determine whether the plan meets legal requirements and conditions, ans whether a referendum is required.
  5. Local Referendum, if required. +50% of the voters must approve the plan, and if they do, it becomes new planning policy.

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