Open Day Messages

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Though we met only a few people, we got valuable information about what people are thinking, and their perceptions of what a Neighbourhood Plan is.

There is still work to be done:

  • On getting more feedback and ideas
  • On explaining what the boundary means
  • On informing landowners about how they need to be involved in a partnership with the plan and the community if they want to secure planning in the future
  • On telling people that if they want a plan, it HAS to include space for development, and it CANNOT shut future building out entirely.

Above all, as we go forward to writing the plan itself, we must make sure that each key objective is clearly explained – what it’s about and what it will mean.
We must also make sure that the final vote is well attended, so that it produces a credible result, and that the plan secures an endorsement. If it doesn’t pass, we have either failed to explain, or we will not have reflected the popular view.

The Questionnaire is still LIVE, and we hope more will be filled in and returned, or taken online.

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