Progress by the group has been described in the key areas defined.

  • At the recent meeting we agreed to re-apply to Groundwork for further funding.
  • We agreed to continue work on the areas identified in Jenny’s Review
  • We will hold a second consultation day in the autumn to seek feedback on the ares of the plan that have emerged. Some of this will focus on detail [though our buildings survey] and others on comments on the direction of the village plan.
  • We asked Jenny to review our discussions to date with a view to advising us on which parts of the group’s ideas fell into Community Planning, and which into the final Neighbourhood plan to be put to the community in a referendum.
  • We asked to her advise on the costs of the work to come, so that this could be factored into our application

The Village Plan from 2004, drawn up by Mandy Nesbitt, is now in the Documents section of the website. It can also be accessed here: Lowick Parish Plan 2004