Latest News

February 2020

We are now moving forwards towards official submission for inspection and, ultimately, the referendum.

The latest documents are available here:

Pre-submission Draft Plan LOWICK Steering Group meeting (1)

Other documents are available in the THEMES pages. Please see the table below:

Policy L1: Theme 1 Community and recreational facilities
Policy L2: Theme 1 Local Green Spaces
Policy L3: Theme 1 & 4 Lowick village settlement boundary
Policy L4: Theme 2 Biodiversity and development
Policy L5: Theme 3 Accessibility
Policy L6: Theme 3 Creation and improvement of footpaths and cycleways
Policy L7: Theme 3 Broadband and telecommunications
Policy L8: Theme 4 & 1 New housing development
Policy L9: Theme 5 Local employment and Home Working
Policy L10: Theme 5 Rural enterprise and tourism
Policy L11: Theme 6 Non-designated heritage assets
Policy L12: Theme 6 Lowick’s Historic Core
Policy L13: Theme 6 Sustainable and innovative design
Policy L14: Theme 6 Conversion of buildings