Objective 4: Housing

To ensure we have a truly sustainable community we will seek to ensure there is enough housing to meet the needs of all sectors of our community, particularly young families and first-time buyers.



To do this we propose the following planning policies:

Policy L8: Housing site allocations

Define sites for new housing and ensure these sites deliver an appropriate amount of affordable housing and a healthy type and mix of housing based on housing needs in our area.

Where should we propose new housing in the village? A site has been identified at the west end of the village, which could also include rented affordable accommodation. You could comment on this location if you take the survey.

Policy L9: New housing within the settlement boundary

Support new housing within the settlement boundary of Lowick providing it complies with certain criteria.

What kind of new housing do we need most in Lowick?

What do you think these criteria should be?

It has been suggested that the sale of new homes for second/holiday homes should be prevented.

Please let is know what you think by taking the survey.

Community Actions

The Parish Council will also work to achieve the following actions:

CA11: We will work with CAN (Community Action Northumberland) to develop an appropriate method of assessing and encouraging community housing needs

CA12: We will continue to work with landowners on planning for housing development

Who has been involved?
Phillip Hanson [PH] and Richie Blake [RB]

PH has been contacting local housing providers who own low cost homes. RB has been conducting an informal survey of housing and the number of rooms homes have. Some of PH’s correspondence from providers is accessed here:

NCC Rural Exemption Sites

CAN Initial info sheet

CAN email

It was felt that any large scale development in the village must be accompanied by a requirement for rentable affordable housing provision.