Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Landscape

Objective 2: Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Landscape

Lowick will grow in such a way that respects the special landscapes around it, incorporates bio-diversity into new development and respects the special qualities of the area.




To do this we propose the following planning policies:

Policy L3: Development within the settlement boundary for Lowick

Define a settlement boundary for the village and focus new housing development within the settlement boundary. Outside the settlement boundary new open market housing would not be permitted.

Do you agree with the proposed settlement boundary shown on the plans? Click here to open a copy for Lowick’s proposed boundary: Lowick Settlement Proposed Boundary and Development SItes B

A plan for Holburn? See the proposals for Holburn here, which include its green spaces: Holburn Settlement Green Spaces

Policy L4: Biodiversity and development

This policy would ensure that new development incorporates biodiversity and landscaping into the scheme wherever possible and incorporates measures to reduce the impact of lighting of the development on biodiversity and on the nearby Dark Sky Park.


Community Actions:

Alongside the planning policies, we propose a number of ‘community actions’ which will be taken forward by the Parish Council. For this objective, community actions will be:

CA5: Identify areas of special interest, based on local research and knowledge.

CA6: Produce documentary evidence for education and leisure of the diverse flora, fauna, and habitats in the parish.

If you wish to comment on these proposals – please take the survey.

Who’s Involved?

John Daniels [JD]

What’s Been Done So Far?

JD has produced a survey of the Parish and the areas of special interest that need protection, and/or further investigation. It is accessed here: Identifying Lowick’s Important Natural Areas