Objective 3: Accessibility

To make the Neighbourhood Area more accessible to all, we will work to improve access to public transport, improve cycle ways and public rights of way, and make Lowick a safer place to walk and cycle. We will also seek to improve the provision of better mobile telephone communications, and to maintain and improve broadband speeds from all providers.



To do this we propose the following planning policies:

Policy L5: Accessibility

New development must ensure it is well integrated within the village by incorporating high quality and safe pedestrian routes and cycle ways within the development to reduce the need to travel short distances by car.

Policy L6: Creation and Improvement of Footpaths and Cycleways

This policy would support the provision walking routes in the parish

Policy L7:   Broadband and telecommunications

This policy would support telecommunications infrastructure to improve coverage in the Neighbourhood Area and ensure that new development provides broadband infrastructure

Community Actions

The Parish Council will also work to achieve the following community actions:

CA7: preserve and improve public transport services and liaise with NCC Highways to reduce speeds through the village and traffic calming

CA8: Work with landowners to improve walking routes between the village and the Community Orchard

CA9: Monitor and report on public footpaths, and seek to add to available paths where possible – most notably, a circular route parish path round the perimeter

CA10: Monitor and work to preserve the current status and condition of the Church Lane – Dryburn Lane B.O.A.T., known locally as “The Backsides”

Would you agree with these policies and proposed actions? Would you add any others? Please take the survey to tell us.