Heritage, Character and Design

Objective 6: Local Heritage, Character and Design

Preserve and enhance the character of the village of Lowick and identify local buildings which are of special local interest. Identify a historic core for the village and ensure that new development in that area reinforces local character. Supporting and encourage new building which promotes good design standards and shows originality if required.


To do this we propose to have the following planning policies:

Policy L13: Non-designated heritage assets

Identify buildings that are of local historic interest and have a policy to ensure their protection and enhancement

Policy L14:   Lowick’s Historic Core

Identify a ‘historic core’ for Lowick and support development which enhances and retains its special character.

Policy L15:   Sustainable and innovative design

Policy to support innovative, sustainable design, and design that introduces interesting new character to the village.

Policy L16:   Conversion of buildings

Support the conversion of redundant buildings to residential or other uses


Community Actions

CA13: Work with owners at Barmoor Castle to improve the building, and potential for visitors to access the Castle

CA14: Adopt a buildings style-guide for Lowick based on local vernacular architecture and features which encourages imaginative and effective re-use of agricultural buildings

Do you agree with these policies and community actions? Please take our survey and help form our final policies.

Memebers of the Group

Ann Daniels [AD], John Daniels [JD] , Tim Cryar [TC], Yvonne Cryar [YC], Philip Hanson [PH], Julie Gibbs [JG], John Huddart [JH]

Work Undertaken So Far

[1] For Policies L13, L14 and L16, JH has crated a database of all the buildings in the parish, and has been estimating or assessing their age, construction, use, adaptation, and heritage value. This is a mixture of observation, and research, and will enable us to identify the main features of the village – the most frequent types of building, features, ages, etc. To open the latest report from this database, click this link: Lowick Buildings Preview. This the DRAFT MAP showing the areas of interest in Lowick: Lowick Buildings – Sketch of Time Zones.

[2] AD is leading the group’s efforts to establish Heritage Listings for buildings that escaped the Listing Process in the 70s. This will attempt to ensure they are protected and given appropriate treatment when development is considered, of whatever kind. The group has completed one informal walk in the centre of the village, discussing features and identifying heritage aspects – drawing on JG’s knowledge of the archives. A draft is in preparation.