Community Facilities

Objective 1: Community Facilities

We will protect our most highly valued community facilities and encourage the provision of new community facilities to increase the sustainability of Lowick



To do this we propose the following planning policies:

Policy L1: Community Facilities

  • To protect local community facilities and registered Assets of Community Value from loss to other uses, and to support the further provision of new community and recreational facilities

What do you think are the most important community facilities in Lowick that we should retain? 

Please add any to the list, by taking the survey


What type of new facilities (including recreational facilities) do we need?

Please add any to the list, by taking the survey

Policy L2: Local Green Spaces

  • We will designate land as ‘Local Green Space’ which will be given the highest level of protection. Development on these sites will not allowed except in very special circumstances unless it is related to the enhancement or enjoyment of that Local Green Space.

Which green spaces do you most value in Lowick, and why? Please open our map proposals for green space in Lowick. Lowick Settlement Green Spaces

Please add any to the list, by taking the survey

Community Actions

For this objective, community actions to be taken forward by the Parish Council will be:

CA1:  We will identify and register Assets of Community Value with Northumberland County Council.

CA2:  Provide and encourage better public information about community facilities, local needs and local services and support initiatives such as Lowick in Bloom

CA3:  We will identify sites for new green space in partnership with owners, and work to promote groups who might use them

CA4:  We will work closely with the school, the village hall, and the church to improve facilities and links with the local community.

Please comment on these, by taking the survey

Who’s Involved?

Karl Crane is preparing a list of community facilities. The draft document can be seen here.


Further information will be available at the Open Day on the 30th June.

Any facilities you recommend will be considered for the list. Please take the survey.