The Local Economy

Objective 5: The Local Economy

Provide opportunities for and support a more vibrant and diverse local economy including tourism in Lowick village and surrounding areas




To do this we propose planning policies that:

Policy L10: Local employment

Promote more small-­scale employment enterprise, including home-working in the village and allocate land for employment use if available.

Policy L11: Rural enterprise

Support rural enterprise, farm diversification and rural businesses, including businesses based around heritage and tourism, and identify specific sites (Barmoor Castle)

To give your views on these policies, please take the online survey

Those Involved

Karl Crane [KC] and the Planning Group

Work Done So Far

KC has Business drawn up a list of local trades people which is published.

Discussion has focused on the key importance of Tourism in the Parish and Locality. Identifying accommodation providers and enhancing tourist sites and facilities is a key part of the Village Plan, and will need to be identified as planning issues and requirements in the Neighbourhood Plan.